The Johns Hopkins International Fellowship
is an international community that warmly welcomes people of all cultural and faith backgrounds.

Small Group Gatherings

Small groups meet weekly. Please register below to get more information about small groups and get connected.

Small Group Options

God walks with and protects the most vulnerable. We seek to reflect His character by:

  • Sharing stories, resources, and perspectives

  • Discerning God's call for engaging on both personal and systemic levels.

  • Building relationships with, learning from, and advocating for the marginalized

Learn More about Justice and Action: A Faith-based Small Group

Option 2: Women's Discipleship (for those wanting to go deeper into the Scriptures and community) Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:30 pm

The book of Ruth points us to God and his grace during difficult circumstances. Its message speaks to the problematic issues in today's world, including our refugee crisis, undocumented immigrants, poverty, hunger, women's rights, male power and privilege, discrimination, and injustice. Ruth shows us that amid the brokenness of our world, God delights in using those who surrender to him and his purposes. This book also highlights how God created women and men to join as allies as courageous activists for his kingdom.

On the week beginning April 21st, we'll start a four-week series in Ruth that explores questions surrounding these issues and points us to Jesus and his kingdom priorities.

Option 3: Men's Discipleship (for those wanting to go deeper into the Scriptures and community) Sundays (5 - 6:15 pm)

New series begins the week of April 21st. Please contact Bill Nelson billnelson82@gmail.com for more information.

Option 4: Living the Parables of Jesus Today
Thursdays 7:30 - 9 pm

Jesus was a literary artist who taught with parables-- short, fictitious narratives filled with vivid metaphors. He wanted his audience to do more than listen and think; he sought for them to imagine and feel, to be challenged and provoked. Still today, Jesus's parables invite us to imagine and enter the kingdom of God and then to live out His kingdom in this world.