About Us

We began at the Johns Hopkins Medical campus in 2001 as a team of Johns Hopkins students, scholars, and faculty partnered with staff affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Since that time, scholars from many backgrounds and traditions have joined in our events and activities.

As an international community, we warmly welcome people of all cultural and faith backgrounds.

Under normal circumstances, we gather weekly on Friday evenings beginning with dinner at 7 pm. Following dinner, we join in small groups for Bible reading and discussion.

People representing various faith traditions, including many who are reading the Bible for the first time, often join us. Through the fall we explore foundational stories of the Old Testament. After Thanksgiving, we read through the Christmas stories. In the late winter and early spring seasons, we look at the life of Jesus, including Easter holiday stories. We continue with stories that Jesus told (parables) and life-changing encounters people experienced with Jesus through the late spring and summer months.

Under normal circumstances, we also gather for various activities, including hiking, and touring historical sites as well as celebrating American and other ethnic holidays.