About Us

Who we are

The Johns Hopkins International Fellowship welcomes people of all cultural and faith backgrounds. The goal has always been to provide safe haven for internationals at Hopkins, and foster a welcoming community while they study and do research at JHU in Baltimore. We celebrate cultural differences and share customs and traditions of the people who attend, while also encouraging spiritual growth. 

How we began

We began at the Johns Hopkins Medical campus in 2001 as a team of students, scholars, and faculty partnered with staff affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Through the years the group has provided hospitality and community for Johns Hopkins students, staff and visiting scholars.

What we're doing now

We have provided that community by inviting internationals to special events around greater Baltimore, and around Maryland, and have hosted a regular meeting to enjoy a free dinner and discussion group on Friday Nights at the Greenhouse Cafe in the PreClinical Trial Building on Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. 

JHIF Overview